There is no substitution for early detection...
It saves lives and it will save your building...
Building codes across North America are somewhat uniform in the requirement of 'UNMONITORED' fire alarm systems including 'Pull Station's, 'Audible Alert' (Bells Sirens), 'Detection Device's (Smoke Detectors, Sprinkler Heads) in most multi use buildings including apartments, schools, library's, office buildings, warehouse's etc.

Unfortunately MOST PEOPLE make the ASSUMPTION the presence of these devices indicate they are connected to

THE FACT IS THAT 90% of apartments, commercial warehouses and public buildings , ARE NOT MONITORED....
If you are a building owner, let Fire Alarm Direct coordinate all your Fire Alarm needs including complete system maintenance, book inspections, warranty support, live video monitoring, service dispatch and Project Manage system upgrades and expansions.
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